Flower in Vase on Compressed Charcoal

This is a 16 x 20 canvas with pastel on compressed charcoal. This piece is called ” flower in vase on compressed charcoal”. This piece is the second complementary piece for the flowers on black triptych set. I feel this piece is a wonderful opposite side piece.

In this piece I chose to use the same yellows from the first part of the triptych yellow flower, and I also used some of the blue tones from the blue flower. As you look at this piece I feel it balances the entire triptych beautifully, so beautiful in fact it almost creates a Penta triptych. As I looked over all these pieces together it was absolutely beautiful.

The yellow from this beautifully complements the yellow flower as well as the blue flower, and the bluebird beautifully complements the blue flower. This leaves the center with the beautiful pink and black’s of the pink flower frame stunningly surrounded by complementary colors and creating a beautiful centerpiece.

As I looked over the entire set I felt that it creates such an exquisite look is a set and considering the two complementary pieces are meant to be off to the sides of the original triptych I think this could be a wonderful set for the right room.

This is what the triptych with the two complementary pieces looks like.  As you can see the yellow from the vase beautifully complements the yellow flower, while the bluebird beautifully complements the blue flower and even the vase.  After looking at all of the different images your eye is drawn to the center with the pink flower which has a nearly flawless bed of charcoal in black. If you notice each other bed of black has some tone of color or wind lines like the two flowers opposite the pink flower. This is done purposely to create a distinct variation around the pink flower helping to draw your eye to the center of the images.




Blue Bird on Compressed Charcoal

This piece is a 16 x 20 pastel over compressed charcoal canvas. This piece is one of the complementary pieces for the flowers on black triptych set. This is not official part of the set, but it is of a complementary style to the triptych, and as such would make a wonderful addition to the triptych in any display.

This piece is a abstract inspired bluebird. I think my inspiration for this was uniquely abstract. I wanted to create something that felt traditional and yet different. I think what made me want to do something like this is actually old traditional tattoo art style. If you look at traditional tattooing like old sailor Jerry, there is a remarkable Americana style used in so many pieces of artwork, yet there is something that feels almost boxy about so much of this art style.

If you look at bold Americana style tattoo art there are many examples of bluebirds, but all of them have such a rigid frame, and the real animal is so much more undefined. If you look at a blue bird in flight they seem like a blur. There’s something beautiful about that moment of flight for bird and I wanted to capture something similar in this piece. I think when I was creating this piece for me the most important part was to not make it feel like a scene of realism.

Of all of the pictures of bluebirds I’ve seen they all seem like a postcard, they seem rigid and defined. It’s as if every photo or painting of a bluebird seems to capture that moment of rest that they never truly seem to have. If you’ve ever watched a bluebird they rarely sit still for so long, so it seems false to me to try to capture this moment of momentary rest. To me I wanted to capture the moment a bluebird descends into flight on the way to doing one of the millions of things they do every day.

In this piece I attempt to re-create that Americana style art, while also embracing that blur of natural speed the bluebird exhibits in nature. It is something so succinctly unique to the bluebird that I felt I needed to try to capture that in this piece and I feel I did in a unique and creative way.  I think this piece makes such a wonderful complement to flowers on black because it has such a beautiful tonal pallet. The blues of this bird beautifully complement the blues of the blue flower in the triptych and I think that will allow for a beautiful display on the sides of the triptych to balance the colors.




Pink Flower on Compressed Charcoal

Now for the final piece of the flowers on black triptych. This piece is a 16 x 20 canvas with pastel over compressed charcoal. As the third part of this triptych I feel this is a wonderful ending note and the nuanced beauty of this flower is quite stunning.

This image I found to be one of my favorite. I know the blue flower has a stunning amount of detail, but there’s something truly unique about this flower I think the pink over the black creates such a beautiful statement. It makes the flower feel delicate and yet almost translucent.

As a triptych set I feel these three pieces together are an absolutely wonderful set. Together they have such a presence and create such a statement. Of all of my triptych’s to this point I think this is my favorite triptych. I decided after creating this piece that I would create two complementary pieces as standalone but complementary style. I wanted to create two images not directly part of the triptych, but complementary and of the same style.

The two complementary pieces I decided to make were a bird, and a flower in a vase.  The flower in a vase is actually a kind of homage to the triptych without being a part of it thus incorporating a flower. I think these two pieces will add something special to the triptych as complementary pieces.

This is the triptych ” flowers on black”.



Blue Flower on Compressed Charcoal

This piece is a 16 x 20 canvas on a bed of compressed charcoal with pastel above it. The title of this piece is “Blue flower on compressed charcoal”. This piece is the second in the flowers on black collection and in my opinion it is the best of the series so far. This pastel blue flower has beautiful tones throughout.


In this one I created a much more smooth total panel of the compressed charcoal I think I have refined my technique. The method in which I apply the compressed charcoal has changed quite dramatically and now I feel I found a sustainable way of applying the compressed charcoal regularly.  I feel having a method for each style of art you use is critical to duplicating the style and feel of a particular series.

Now that I’ve created  two pieces in the set I am going to create a third piece to make this set a triptych since I love triptych sets so much. Some of the best works in the world came as part of a triptych and there is something profoundly unique about a three-part set. Triptych sets are such a unique way of creating artwork.

Yellow Flower on Compressed Charcoal

Over the last few weeks I have had a pretty hard time. I think after going on such a long creative binge a couple months ago I ended up getting creative block for a couple weeks. I think as artists we all experience periods of creative block, this is a pretty normal thing to deal with. That said I know for myself during these times of creative block I also find myself becoming severely depressed.

This piece is a 16 x 20 canvas done uncompressed charcoal. I used pastels over compressed charcoal after creating a beautiful charcoal bed for the pastels to pop on. I found myself quite impressed with this piece and decided I was going to endeavor to do a few more flowers using the same technique to create a new collection. The new collection is called “flowers on black”.

As the first piece of a new collection with this piece I tried to make a statement. I guess this piece speaks to me of the imperfection of flowers. I think the thing that makes flowers the most beautiful, is the fact that they are so utterly flawed. When you look over a flower no two petals are the same. They may be close and at times seem symmetrical, but each petal is a unique individual.

With this new collection I wanted to create flowers in a similar fashion using different colors to complement each other as a set. This new set I believe is a wonderful collection in which each piece of the collection adds to the vibrance of the collection as a whole.




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